Benjamin Berkley Hair Systems
Purificare Performance is on the verge of changing the follicle forecast of the future We developed a hair wellness formula that minimize dermal absorption from chemical application servicing which can weakened immune system, cause premature aging and more susceptibility to diseases. Our wellness services is done in periodic intervals of chemical hair salon services.The results in time will be a healthier maintain body and always youthful voluminous hair. Our concept is launch from a franchise platform as to change the hair culture rapidly. this is a Low Startup, High Income Potential venture. We are the only franchise with option levels investments, meaning you can buy into our business with minimum investment (kiosk) and grow your business to premium level (flagship store-front) or buy many kiosks (satellite stations) to draw them to your flagship salons for premium wellness hair service. we believe rapid expansion is the way to secure our place as the top franchise investments. It is an opportunity of a life time.