We make buying and selling smartphones super easy and safe We are a Global Certification Platform (GCP) for used electronics, that enables consumers of used consumer electronics (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.) to have their devices certified. We work directly with consumers, C2C e-marketplaces and specialized retailers. There is a large population in the emerging markets that cannot afford brand new iPhones, there is a huge demand for used electronics. Currently there is no scalable solution to address the consumers biggest pain point, which is Quality Control. This is where we come in, we are a certification platform that certifies used electronics and we provide a standard guarantee. Our value proposition to the consumer: 1) Save money when buying a phone! 2) Make money selling your phone! 3) But above all, have a peace of mind. We will technically certify all the items sold on our platform and We guarantee it! Buyers get technically certified phone, Sellers can sell quickly and fetch premium prices.
Member count: 1-10