Baby Transportation for Delightful Family Outings Picture a mother of a 6 month old baby going to a mall on a hot day. As she flags a taxi, she rushes to close the stroller. However, she fumbles with the closing mechanism. Navigating in the mall, she often stops to avoid knocking into others. On the way back, her child starts to fidget uncomfortably in the warm. A normal trip to the mall becomes a tiresome process. This sums up the problems with strollers nowadays. Parents find them inconvenient and children find them uncomfortable. Carrycott solves these problems by designing baby transportation to make family outings delightful. The Carrycott's cClose allows the mother to close and carry the Carrycott in just one-step. The cManeuvre helps her manoeuvre the Carrycott through crowded aisles in the easiest manner with a handle joystick. The cLining made with premium merino wool makes it much cooler and more comfortable for the child in a warm environment. This improves the convenience of the parent and comfort of the child.
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