Fitbit meets Kickstarter for Charities BeneFit is a fitness incentive platform that uses your passions as a way to inspire healthy habits. BeneFit brings together donors, exercisers, and nonprofits to increase funding, incentivize healthy habits and lend additional exposure to corporate philanthropy. So how does it work? The BeneFit platform allows corporate donors who are interested in supporting a cause and incentivizing healthy employess to back "fitness challenges" in order to double their impact. A fitness challenge might look like this: ?I will give $10,000 to the American Cancer Society, if my corporate employees can burn 100,000 calories in the next month." Employees who believe in that cause are more likely to exercise and as they track their calorie burn, they have supported a cause they believe in, without opening their wallet. The corporate donor not only supported their cause, but they receive additional brand visibility and a healthier corporate employee base.

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