Benefact is the for employee volunteering Benefacto provides a brokerage service which professional people can use to find and book, through an on-line portal, volunteering opportunities in the community. Many of these professional people are given Paid Time Off to volunteer by their employers. The customers for this service are the corporate firms from which we enlist the volunteers. The services we provide is valuable to them because it: a) Enables them to increase the proportion of their employees volunteering in the community, the business case for which is clearly defined. b) Enables their employees to organise volunteering down-time (i.e. in-between projects) which reduces the impact of volunteering on business. c) Provides a far more efficient option than organising the same service internally. In addition to providing the booking portal, Benefacto offers best-practice advice and support in marketing the scheme internally and measuring the impact.
Member count: 1-10