Retail Incubator Bene Rialto, a hub for fashion & fashion tech start ups, think of us as the "We Work" of fashion. A unique consumer facing incubator, centrally located in New York's garment district; our collaborative model offers start up and emerging brands the opportunity to grow their business while off setting operational overhead and gaining expertise. Our five-story townhouse offers members a turn key retail marketplace, b2b/b2c show rooming, educational shared work-space and experiential eventing area. In residence or remote memberships have access to our industry classes, workshops and panels online via live stream and webinar formats with our media partners. Members include: Nineteenth Ammendment, J Hilburn, Nora Gardner, Ministry of Supply, True Gault, Bloom That, and New York Fashion Tech Lab's 2016 & 2017 classes. Founder Caryn Neary brings 25 years of retail & online experience to our members revolutionizing the way brands work and create, & the way consumers shop and interact.
Location: United States, York
Member count: 1-10