BendFlex Research and Development Private Limited

BendFlex Research and Development Private Limited
BendFlex is into R&D and our expertise is compliant mechanism design. Our R&D spans domains including mechanical characterization and testing of devices, medical devices, force sensors and micro-scale mechanisms. Compliant mechanisms are monolithic, scalable, whose stiffness can be tuned and can double-up as force-sensors. BendFlex has/is currently involved in several projects involving design and development of devices including: * A device to test the mechanical properties of cardio-vascular tissues, which is in its testing-phase * An ultra-sensitive force sensor that can measure forces of the order of micro-newton * A small-scale peristaltic pump * Consulted a Multi-National Company on redesigning their existing bio-medical device. This included development of a compliant mechanism-based counterpart of their existing device that had several advantages over the existing device * Consulting a Multi-National Company for developing micro-scale devices to estimate the mechanical properties of exfoliated cells * Consulting an Indian company to develop a low-cost cell-segregation system BendFlex - Be Compliant! Go Compliant!
Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2015

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