Custom sofas in as little as 24 hours At Benchmade Modern we make custom, by the inch sofas in as little as 24hrs. Order online or come into our hybrid, brick and mortar "sit shops" where you can use and control Petunia the robot to grab a sofa off the wall and bring it to your feet. Test it out, put it back, grab another one until your perfectly happy with the fit and feel. You can order that sofa or sectional sofa in any size up to 10 feet. If your worried it wont fit your room, you can take home (or order it online and we can send it to you) a full scale print of the sofa and make any adjustments before ordering. Once ordered, we send you a link to a tracking page where you can watch that sofa through the entire production process and on a map all the way to your door like a Uber car.
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $575K