Men's e-Commerce: Clothes Men Want But Can't Find There are 19 million affluent men online, they're out-shopping women by 30% and they're 2x more loyal. Yet there are far too few choices for men, and the choices that are available are trendy, dominated by the mega brands, and not tailored to the way men shop. Bench & Loom is the online destination selling unique, hard to find clothes for cash-rich, time poor men. The company distinguishes itself by the product it sells and the way it sells them. Men's Journal recently ranked us one of their top 10 online shops! The clothes: timeless, masculine, classic, trend-resistent, storied, well-made, not readily found. Niche brands that come with amazing competitive advantages. The experience: curated, designed to appeal to the way men want to shop, editorial and council.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $48K