Lending Eyes to Visually Impaired Be My Eyes is an app, which has changed the lives of more than 21.000 visually impaired. Our 1000 days aspiration is to deliver independence to the 285 million people with a visually impairment. Who are we: Be My Eyes is the first app, which allows people with a visual impairment to get in contact with sighted volunteers via a live video call. Visually impaired often rely on family and friends to do everyday tasks. With Be My Eyes they can get help 24/7 without feeling like a burden to anyone. The system is built as a shuffle-call system, which forwards the call until answered. More than 279.000 volunteers have already signed up to lend their eyes. Ken Kiwada explains that he is micro-volunteering, because ?the idea that my tiny contribution made a difference in some complete strangers life, instantly makes my day really awesome?. Since the launch less than 7 months ago, Be My Eyes has helped more than 90.000 times. Furthermore Be My Eyes has been featured in top-medias worldwide.