We love home cooked food. BeMyChef is a platform that puts together cooks and food lovers We are an application democratising food, bringing the opportunity to all chefs and cooks to have their own "restaurant", allowing them to sell their home cooked food online in a simple and beautiful way. Better yet, giving us, the public, healthier, cheaper and faster choices to eat. We offer a full platform, a fast and simple method to pay for the food and, of course, we deliver the food right to your door. (Selected regions so far). To be eligible to be part of BeMyChef platform, all chefs and cooks should go through a personal inspection in their kitchen and get a local permission. The inspection should follow and meet local criteria. BeMyChef team helps chefs and cooks all a long the way. Our intention is to connect those who loves to cook at home, and wants to make some extra cash, with food lovers. We already share our homes and our cars. Now, it's time to share our food.
Member count: 1-10