SaaS-enabled Marketplace for ISPs is reshaping the ISP market in Brazil. Country town ISPs are leveraging high-speed connections by investing in fiber optics infrastructure. There's a notable growth of all +6000 brazilian ISPs against big Telecom companies, given the fact of their current coverage growth. Our company has a deep understanding of the ISP market and we're entering this market with a whitelabeled SaaS, a solution that handles the ISP's coverage data and uses it to perform sales in the Web. Over 60% of the ISPs uses only a contact form to get new clients, and they still need the phone for availability confirmations. We're changing this by guaranteeing that the end customer will know where the fixed broadband internet service is available, and allow them to sign-up directly via web. We plan to scale to a Marketplace in the future by collecting service quality feedbacks, and organizing ISPs providing FTTH connections with over 50Mb speed, i.e. We're pioneers in these services right now.