Chatbot for pelvic health We are creating a digital and mobile platform to engage moms to coach their 10 - 14 year old daughters about puberty, as well as connect to themselves "below the belt." BYB helps them identify symptoms of potentially serious chronic health conditions like endometriosis or uterine fibroids, understand what is normal versus what is "common" and how to connect to appropriate medical care. The customer starts with the mom, since our research shows their daughters are twice as likely to want to talk to them about their periods and puberty, as they are to go anywhere else for information. Unfortunately, research also shows that many moms do not feel adequately prepared to have these conversations. The latter is exacerbated by issues like race, economics or ethnicity. Additional customer will be healthcare systems looking to engage this mother-daughter dyad to proactively seek care. We look to have a rich data set to license/sell to HCP/HCS's.