Monetized Social Networking Site With Celebrities (patent pending) Bellinity has two sites in one with at least two more spin offs coming after our second round of funding. The way we monetize is confidential and NDA strictly enforced, no matter who you are and how much money you have. We are looking at 100-200 more hours of finishing back-end functionality and bugs before we launch for beta. We have an acting COO but will happily interview anyone that thinks they have what it takes. Highest need is for CTO, we currently have a team. We also need a CMO, and all directors except DOO. We only need part time help now, but when we land our next investment with your help you will receive full time pay with a full time work schedule. We have received almost $200k in seed, however only looking for people with enough smarts and passion to take equity until our next round of funding. Our securities lawyer is helping us bring it in for the home run along with my other lawyers and team, now you. Opportunities for advancement & molding your own dream job.