An innovative and inspiring Early Childhood Center in Costa Rica Bellelli Educacion is introducing a worlwide recognised educational approach called Reggio Emilia in the private early childhood schools sector in Costa Rica transforming the way all the other centers are conceiving the children. Bellelli believes in the power of play, creativity, self-regulation, citizenship, group learning, problem solving and critical thinking while the rest of the schools focus only on academics, memory, competence and kids are loosing almost all their time to wonder, discover, image and express their own ideas. The school will be open july 2014 and in the meantime Bellelli has organised 24 Pop-Up Playgrounds (2000 attendees) that are celebrations of child-directed play with loose parts (open and recycled materials) in public spaces as a way to make learning and thinking visible. Bellelli's team has 3 young but very prepared, connected, experienced and ambitious professionals who are willing to be pioneers in this field of action and train many teachers.
Member count: 1-10