Bella's House Cleaning LLC
Self Cleaning Spaces The other side of cleaning is staying clean longer and so this set of products is designed to help a space continuously clean itself while providing microbes into the environment to rebalance the indoor ecosystems. This is the future of cleaning and will be sold to people looking for an easier way to cut down on cleaning costs. The light bulbs are coated with a specific surface creating a cleaning effect that is activated by the Light itself. The surfaces can be coated with stickers that have molecular bonds to nanocrystals that when contacted by light create an oxidation effect stronger than bleach with none of the toxins that come with bleach. The units dispense microbes that compete with mold and musty odors and hooked directly into the HVAC system or can be used in a small travel-size hand-held spray. The three items compete with viruses mold and pathogens but not each other and are complementary to any cleaning service or anyone who wants to stay clean. We support installation.
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