We help expectant mothers stay stylish by being a closet that adapts with her pregnancy Every year 4 million women give birth in the U.S.?this means 4 million women experience dramatic body changes over the next 9 months. While this miraculous time is filled with excitement, normal priorities and responsibilities begin to shift. In just a few months, they are prompted to find a new wardrobe to accommodate their inevitable size changes. BellaNov??s e-commerce offerings alleviates the challenges busy professional women face with finding stylish, quality, work-appropriate maternity apparel while helping her save time, money, and effort. Through a monthly membership rental model, we can triple her product selection at half the cost of buying such a temporary wardrobe! With enabling technologies such as a truefit algorithm where customers growing bodies are predicted and matched with appropriate inventory selection or machine learning on customer preferences or fabric composition, BellaNove is more than just an online store. We are the closet that adapts with her pregnancy
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