Netflix for Maternity Clothes Bella Gravida is an revolving monthly subscription maternity clothing rental service. The ?netflix? for maternity clothes, it virtually eliminates the problems and challenges with pregnancy wardrobes. Monthly subscription services have become a mainstay in the beauty and fashion industries. Currently, identical services exist for everything from jewelry, pursues and shoes, to designer dresses and business wear for women sizes 0-32+. However, there is no monthly subscription rental service for maternity clothing. This is Bella Gravida?s niche. Our value proposition for our customers is our largest selling point. We have hundreds of styles to choose from, all for a flat monthly fee. Unlimited exchanges per month. No deadlines. No late fees. No complicated rental agreement. And, no need to buy. We make maternity fashionable and stylish on any budget. This is not a new business model - this is a proven business model applied to a new market segment. Company is Pre-Development.