Unique Healthy Beverage The world's first bio-drink with live microalga chlorella. Chlorella - microscopic algae, is a long-liver on the planet. It has existed for more than 2 billion years, without changing its structure. Chlorella has long been used in the human diet. For example, in Japan it is part of the national food system. Chlorella actively synthesizes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins. The biomass of chlorella includes: ? more than 50% protein; ? about 30% carbohydrates; ? 10% of fats (they are 80% polyunsaturated); ? up to 10% of minerals. Chlorella has unique properties, repeatedly confirmed by medical scientists from around the world: ? purification - elimination of toxins (including acute or systemic poisoning by heavy metals), neutralization of free radicals; ? anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action; ? antiviral, strengthens immunity, normalizes digestion. Out customer us a usual urban citizen who wants to take care of his health, but does not have much time to do so