Being Live India

Being Live India
Look closely, this platform can make all your dreams come alive if you're a live artist. It can also boom your business if you're an avenue owner. And if you're not either of these, but an enthusiast to host a uniquely entertaining event, this is the right stop for you too! Being live, a platform that bridges the gap between an artist and people who are willing to hire them for their avenues, concerts, birthday parties, anniversaries or other events. By following certain simple steps, artists can create their profiles and portray their talent. This will showcase them to a wide range of hirers from eatery owners, event managers, club authorities to public. Also, hirers can create their profiles which enables live artists to approach them which relieves the load of finding new artists every time. With its systematic user interface and simple functioning, Being Live will prove to be a breakthrough in the field of LIVE experience.
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