First unfiltered news source BeHeard News is a web-based platform of which the primary focus is to discuss current events that are not covered by everyday media, and give individuals an outlet where they can let their voices and opinions be heard by everyone around the world in an unfiltered manner. In life, we are constantly told what to do, what the norms are, and how to lead a normal life. We are never told to step out of the box and question the usual. This problem applies to our news, as well. People generally hear their news from popular (and, unfortunately, biased) news sources. Run by large corporations and influenced by owners and political parties, major news stations provide a biased view of the real happenings of the world. They peddle a variation of the truth and cover only ?newsworthy? events, meaning stories with sensational video that will drive ratings and advance their agendas. At BeHeard News, we inform one another about the actual truth behind current events.