Honest Co for lifestyle products Meet BeGood. We empower the Soul Cycling, Whole Foods-shopping, thoughtful woman and man. We aim to be the first zero-waste retailer on earth. In a world of Tesla, Soylent and others, eliminating waste in retail makes a lot of sense. Doesn't it? BeGood is creating a category of fully sustainable lifestyle products. We believe in an unabashedly transparent supply chain. We believe in our customer. We're bringing people back to a time of revolution, creativity, intellectuality and naturality. The company is run by retail and technology experts who come from Gap Inc, Cal Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon. Three of the four members of the team are first generation Americans! $510k trailing 12 month rev. BeGood has been featured in NY Times T Magazine, Marie Claire, Refinery29, Anthology Magazine, SF Chronicle and others. Learn more at begoodclothes.com. Deck available upon request.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $300K