Before Elixir
Asian Glow Prevention Drink Before Elixir is a drink that prevents people from turning red when they drink alcohol. It also alleviates the effects of hangovers. You drink it 30 minutes prior to consuming alcohol and with every 3rd drink. It tastes great and makes an excellent mixer. People who turn red when they drink alcohol have a problem known as "Asian glow." It affects 15% of all drinkers and 70% of Asians around the world. That's well over 1 billion people! These people turn red because they metabolize alcohol too quickly, up to 40x faster than normal. This creates a buildup of a toxin in the liver that causes flushing of the face and body, nausea, headaches, pounding heartbeats, and many other unpleasant feelings. Before Elixir works by slowing down the metabolism of alcohol and reducing the amount of the toxin in the liver that causes redness. We tested dozens of people at various tasting parties. According to their reports, Before Elixir works on 90% of people and reduces flushing by over 60%.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $55K