Home Hygiene Improv Smart System Smart UV lamp "LEON". A professional medical tool in a simple home device. Leon improves your family hygiene by cleaning your home from: Viruses; Bacteria; Spore; Mold; Yeast; Mycosis Allergens; About: - Safety system (movement sensors); - Distance control (App); - Ozone free; - Wireless; - Up to 10 cleaning sessions on one charge; With the help of LEON App your smartphone becomes a remote controller of the lamp. It also calculates the time and dates when you need to clean each room for prophylactic, depending on the space, the type of the room and the weather outside. The last one can be a reason for intensive appearing of pathogenic microorganisms. Why costumers need it? or THE INSIGHT: You need to take less medicine during the year. A prophylactic of contact and reproduction of microorganisms and allergens keeps you healthy in a natural (immune) way. And helps your body to fight illnesses before they get inside you, and you will be forced to take medicines. During the world worst epidemic of many years, COVID-19, an improving of self hygiene has become an every day habit, the same as washing your hair and brushing your teeth. Procedures of self-protection on microlevel are being repeated all around the world for the time three times longer than it takes to form a new habit. As a result, a part of customers who buy antiseptics for hands during the pandemic C-19 will continue to buy them after epidemic will be over. Cleaning home from microorganisms has become a rule, the same as cleaning your home with a hoover. Customers want to do a new additional housework in the simplest way possible. It would be great if all you need to do was just to take a lamp from one room to another and press the button. And if the lamp is already in the necessary room, just to turn it on remotely, even from a shop or from work. So that everything can be clean before everyone?s home. Leon has a safety system, to prevent children and pets from the contact with the UV light.
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