Consumer Robotics-as-a-Service Our mission: to bring the Robotics-as-a-Service revolution to the consumer market. Beetl is a service robot for your backyard, using computer vision and cloud-based machine learning to clean up after your pets. Being cloud-connected, we can continuously analyze and improve the performance of all installed units, with significant opportunities for value-add services such as pet health diagnostics and yard care. Developed from the ground-up, our architecture allows us to offer useful robots at a consumer price point for a wide range of complex latency-neutral applications by sharing the cost of expensive components over large clusters of service robots. We have identified an existing market in dog owners who will pay an ongoing service fee to tackle this real-world pain point. From this beachhead market we strive to become the go-to platform for the rapid deployment of consumer robotics services.
Member count: 1-10