Indian Pub Scalable Indian restaurant and bar with prime focus on Beer and Biryani. Portioned and priced to target individual / couple craving. Promotes sport events by screening all crowd popular games. Currently built on a centralised supply chain model with a baseline strategy of 'Hub & Spoke' expansion plan. Started by a group of successful executives from the Hospitality sector. Promoters have extensive experience in launching over 20 restaurants for other companies and chain of Convenience Stores and in the past. BEERYANI currently controls 30% plus of Kingfisher draught beer sales in Delhi with one Outlet. Second outlet is expected to add another 20-25% to the existing market share. The market potential in Delhi NCR is of 20 outlets spread across as Hubs to additional 30 outlets of Take-Away counters as Spokes to the entire business model. Dominant Strategy Expansion. The business will further be controlled via consumer app promoting M-Commerce. Target is to be 90% Franchise governed business.