BeerDropper is the first officially recognized alcohol delivery service throughout the United States. Acting as conduit of information between exclusively contracted alcohol retailers and their customers, BeerDropper does not sell or distribute alcohol. The retailers are responsible for their own delivery operations and are located in close proximity to large state schools nationwide that meet specific criteria including affluence, off campus population, regulatory friendliness, "party school" ranking, and Greek life. Our novel mobile technology not only provides safety and security, but it is exceptionally convenient and increases delivery efficiency. The retailer mobile interface incorporates revolutionary functions including order handling, geolocation, and ID validation and verification software while the customer mobile interface offers access to all services each in the form of an application on any smartphone or internet enabled mobile device. BeerDropper will function as a middleman service to put customers in contact with retailers, and help an existing industry become more efficient. In doing so, BeerDropper will be recognized as a company that delivers alcohol to promote convenience, safety, and responsible adult alcohol consumption. In addition, BeerDropper also values a culture that stresses the importance of hard work to reach success.
Member count: 51-200
Founded date: 2011