Exchange a Facebook post for a Treat BeepTreat has been designed as the antidote to the need for retailers to constantly discount. We offer value in every coupon delivered in the form of a recommendation to the customers friends and family. Using our mobile app, customer can search a directory of locations, or use the built in barcode scanner to scan BeepTreat QR codes. This will instantly deliver the user an incentive, normally in the form of a discount or freebie. If they choose to use the treat, it then posts on to their Facebook wall... "Your friend is enjoying a free coffee at Superbucks Coffee thanks to BeepTreat." The user can use these straight away or save them to their treat wallet. We also offer digital loyalty cards which are proving very popular. Using a mixture of location based data and the Facebook connection we can offer rich, realtime feedback to the businesses. We are currently UK based but are launching in other countries, starting with Denmark.
Member count: 1-10