Unique calls and videocalls, enhanced with the EmotionConnect features. Try it! Beentouch is the app that provides free high-quality calls and videocalls even with bad internet conditions. Emerging markets live on the mobile-only economy and they are developing fast thanks to the digital. Internet connections are still poor, and the videocommunication software known in the more developed world don?t work there. Up to 1.3 billion people are still waiting for the possibility to access distance communication, and we?re here to make it. Beentouch is made up by the best technology on the market to provide the best quality with low data usage. It finds a fit for emerging countries and mobile connectivity. Also, Beentouch implements unique astonishing features that expand the way people can interact during a videocall, below just audio and video. The EmotionConnect creates a whole new communication experience that expands the sensory universe during a communication. From touch to masks, to clips and editings to share. Because each moment counts, especially on distance.
Member count: 1-10