SaaS plot-outlining tool for storytellers Beemgee helps burgeoning and professional authors to organise the plots and develop the characters of their fiction stories ? whatever the media, stage, page or screen. It is uniquely simply using latest standards in natural user interface. Media industries like book publishing, video games, or film depend on the constant creation of new stories ? and next to established storytellers there are millions of people all over the world who want to be writers. Whether you are as successful as Stephen King or one of the 35 million people on wattpad.com, Beemgee can help you in the creative process of turning an idea into a story. Beemgee is the only online author's tool that concentrates on story rather than medium, and does so with uncluttered intuitive design. Beemgee improves efficiency in standard processes of media companies at both ends of the value chain. Top German film companies and book publishers have already signalled interest. Find out more. Contact us: olaf@beemgee.com.
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