Geofenced hyper-local messaging Beekon is a fun new hyper-local messaging app that brings communities, neighbourhoods and people together, making it easy to connect and share with people around you. Users communicate by placing messages and pictures at a physical location allowing people nearby or passers-by to discover, read and comment on the message. Messages are geo-fenced and can be unlocked by users physically moving closer to the message. Create or join a local chat group, called Topics. A Topic allows users to join group chats about a given topic that's relevant to their current location. For example, let's say you're at a local sporting event. Use Beekon to chat live with other people at the event. Beekon for Business is a unique platform enabling businesses to interact, engage and market to local users in their community. Providing unparalleled geo-targeting, businesses can focus on people that matter most to their business, while establishing greater ties and visibility with their local community.
Member count: 1-10