Prevent Online Fraud BEFORE it Happens - TechStars '13 BeehiveID has developed a new way to ensure an online account is backed by one, unique person. Online fraud is high and growing higher ? with the advent of EMV credit cards, fraud is moving online where card not present (CNP) transactions are the norm. We don't have a good way to identify people online and anonymous people behave badly. BeehiveID uses a combination of biometric face matching with other technologies to give online retailers a way to uniquely identify their customers thus ensuring accountability and true reputation. We do this without needing to know their real-world identity, thus privacy is preserved. We call our approach ?strong pseudo-anonymity? ? we prove that people are real & unique, have an actual online reputation, but are still anonymous and private. Our toolbox is a combination of face and voice biometrics, social network analysis, image processing and asymmetric encryption. Our ultimate goal is to make Internet society function as well as real-world society.
Location: United States, Texas, Austin
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $70K

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