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We are a honey production company whose mission is to uplift communities in Arid and Semi Arid areas of Kenya through diversification of their farms to decrease reliance on the unsustainable rain fed agriculture.We do this by approaching households in these areas (Specifically in the Ukambani region) and educate them on beekeeping practices that can guarantee sustainable incomes for them. We not only educate but we also set up the requisite material for them to start the beekeeping process in their farms as well as manage the value chain from management to harvesting where we thereafter guarantee acquisition of their honey at subsidized costs.We provide ready market after every harvest to ensure that these households have sustainable incomes from their farms. The Company's undertakings are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals that we strive to achieve in our country through the social impact it has on the community.Some of the supported SDG's include: >No Poverty by ensuring sustainable incomes for households. >Quality Education on the Beekeeping practice that will directly translate to income. >Decent work and economic growth by uplifting people's living standards.
Founded date: 2017

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