Bed Wood and Parts
The Woodcentric Solution Bed Wood and Parts, LLC is an established purveyor of premium automotive wood products serving the hot rod, restoration, and truck accessory markets from an offering of more than 40 species of domestic and exotic woods. The specialty automotive aftermarket is comprised of enthusiasts buying from retail stores and manufacturers for combined revenue of 30 billion annually. It is currently growing at 5% annually. In addition to the BedWood branded automotive line, we are also diversifying by entering into the culinary and hunting/fishing/outdoor niches (38 billion and 626 billion dollar markets respectively). These brands are Cutting Edge Originals-culinary wood products such as premium cutting boards, range covers, and smoking chunks; and BuckWood-outdoor line that includes tailgate/camping cutting boards for on-site food preparation. We're seeking $800,000 to expedite growth by improving our factory, expanding our marketing and sales team, and executing our marketing and sales plans.
Member count: 1-10