REINVENTING PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY TREATMENTS & SKIN CARE AROSHA Aesthetic Science, is a PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT LINE FOR FACE & BODY TREATMENTS as well as a home/retail line. Primary focus: reduce the appearance of CELLULITE, SCULPT THE BODY, NOURISH THE SKIN and optimize the reactivation of key ANTI-AGING and SLIMMING cells. -AROSHA FACE SOLUTION: Professional treatments & retail Biocellulose Face masks featuring our patented biocomplex concept, Matrixtech. -AROSHA BODY SOLUTION: As the #1, World leader in Pre-soaked Cosmetic bandages, our exclusive wrapping technology features specific and personalized kits created to diminish the appearance of cellulite, firm, tone, contour, resculpt the body and hydrate the skin. -PROSHAPE | PNEUMATIC COMPRESSION MASSAGE (PCM*): Used in the medical field for lymphatic and venous disorders, our exclusive devices are a great synergy with the Arosha body wrap services and/or can be used as stand-alone service to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and help remove metabolic waste and toxins.
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