Beauty Barlour
clean ingredients | zero-waste packaging | wellness skincare BEAUTY BARLOUR | wellness skincare brand which recognizes that the expanding beauty industry demands innovation and transparency. It merges elements of a bar + ice-cream parlour to cater one-of-a-kind skincare solutions for the young + the mature. UNIQUE EXPERIENCE | ready-to-scoop convenience of an ice-cream PARLOUR + customization aspect of a BAR = unique skincare shopping experience. Clients personalize their skincare to suit their skin & reuse their quality violet-glass packaging time after time [save repeat packaging cost $$ + greener footprint]. By offering refill + jar exchange options Bbar strives for a zero-waste TORONTO. CATERS TO | wellness-conscious families + eco-conscious shoppers by using direct-sourced, clean-ingredients and durable, potency-preserving, violet-glass packaging [reusable].