Beautility Developments
Facilitating the Development of Circular Economy Villages We facilitate the development of a network of high-tech, regenerative villages that strive towards zero waste within a bioregion. Designed for up to 200 people, each village will integrate affordable co-working and co-living spaces with water and energy micro-grids. A regenerative agricultural and native forest system will provide food and increase biodiversity, while generating income through carbon farming. A standardised, replicable model incorporated into local government planning policies, provides certainty for investors and enables the development of a pipeline of projects. The target market includes digital nomads and e-changers but would accommodate a broad demographic. The supporting infrastructure would house and provide work for regenerative farmers and hospitality workers as well as engineers and technicians to manage the water, energy and information infrastructure. An online platform would allow subscribers to become short or long term residents in any of the villages.
Member count: 1-10