International Money Tranfer; Blockchain Beat The PIP is both an App and a Web App for international money transfers between Latin America and the US through its own private scalable blockchain, in which users register and identify themselves in order to send money abroad instantly with a competitive exchange rate. Our target market is everyone with the need to send money in a different currency, We are targeting small, mid-size, and big companies that need to send money abroad due to commercial relationships, in which the average transaction income just in Mexico is over 1.2bn US and also we are focusing on the remittance business which in 2015 Latin American remittance market was equivalent to 68bn US of which 24.8bn US occurred between the US and Mexico in which just in Mexico the income is close to $5bn US Along with both target markets we are focusing on the infrastructure of a blockchain model that can be escalated to Latin America and for regulators and banks revolutionizing the way internal compliance is done.
Member count: 1-10