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At Beatshapers, our main focus is creating high-quality and immersive entertainment across gaming consoles, VR/MR and other interactive platforms of the future. Although most of our current projects are behind the closed doors, our portfolio exposes our experience in Twitch streaming interactions, Virtual Reality, so does 23 past console games releases. We are pushing new interactive entertainment mediums up to its limits with new products and new ways of interactions between players. Our core team doing video games for quite a while and we are at Beatshapers one if the first companies who started work with Virtual Reality. Nowadays we continue our deep dive into new entertainment mediums by exploring to wonderful world of China VR and working with big names in interactive entertainment and movies.
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Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Employees: 11-50
Founded date: 2009

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-Why These Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Are Making LA Their HomeFleeing war and chasing new opportunities, more than a dozen Ukrainian entrepreneurs have landed in Los Angeles, finding an unexpected community in the city of dreams. These entrepreneurs have started companies that are collectively worth m...

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