A Platform for Better Music Discovery Beatroot is a music intelligence platform, that empowers record labels, music publishers, production houses and another business that manages a music catalogue, to prosper in the digital age. The SaaS platform ingests music catalogues and automatically analyses the recordings to obtaining the anatomy of every track; BPM, key, intensity, waveform and even meaning. It also transcodes each track and aggregates enriched metadata, such as genre, sub genre, artist bio, cover art, social media links, release date and era. With the catalogue and metadata all in one place labels and publishers can search, manage, categorise, build playlists and share tracks in a way that few businesses have been able to do in the past. For Developers, tapping into the Beatroot ecosystem is simple and intuitive. Exposing the full power of Beatroot, our API provides developers with the tools needed to create rich, relevant and engaging music experiences.
Total raised: $350K