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When you begin Beatrobo, your robot, which is your avatar and playlist, will automatically be generated. The robots will play your favorite songs for you, and will do activities like going to your friend's rooms, recommending you songs, and even going out to find songs for you. Customize your robots to find new music through your friends and community. Instant Playlists Start listening in seconds Don't worry about starting with an empty playlist. Beatrobo automatically creates your robot containing your favorite songs and artists from the very beginning. Name your robot, design it, and it's done. Of course you can search for new songs and edit your playlist. Never Lonely Always with somebody Find your friends and start listening to their favorite songs instantly. Your friend's robots will appear in your room, playing their favorite songs. If you like what they're playing, you can add their songs to your own playlist in one click. The robots will sometimes ask you for a song to give to your friend. Give the robot a song, and it will play it in front of your friend when they login in their time. There's no need to wait for all your friends to join. Help the Robots Talk and share with friends The robots in Beatrobo will act freely even when you don't tell it to do anything, trying to find songs for you, visiting your friends rooms to get recommendation. This means your friend's robots will also come to your room. Help them out by giving them songs so they can bring it back to their master. You can also share the songs to your Facebook and Twitter friends at the same time.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $1.7M
Founded date: 2012

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