Empowered Senior Talents find opportunities staying Anonymous BeatMySalary is a recruitment enabler & lead generation tool which stands out from the rest of the tools in TA space. BeatMySalary targets individuals who are in their comfortable jobs, who generally do not actively look out for opportunities but do not mind exploring if they are approached with a job that tick all their boxes - Passive talents. We are different in many ways : 1. Curated Pool of talents 2.Anonymity brings out candidate's expectations upfront 3. "Shopping like" experience for Recruiters 4.Streamline hiring process through internal BMS tools 5. Upfront view of Candidates through summarized, comparable and searchable cards 6. High Response rate 7.Recruiters go to candidates 8. No CVs or Login 9. Inhouse CRM & International Telephony System. With social media having gone viral, data privacy takes the highest precedence when it comes to seeking your next dream job. The element of anonymity for a Senior Person in the industry is the need of the hour.
Member count: 1-10
Phone: +44 20 3005 2856
Total raised: $35K

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