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We help music labels and artists authenticate streaming play counts for royalty collection We help music labels and artists track their songs to collect royalties by providing real-time audit reports of streaming play counts. Think PWC for song play count: Beatdapp tracks every song play from music streaming services. Labels estimate a 15%+ error in play count data from streaming companies. They've relied on APIs and data dumps, only to find the underlying data passed along is incorrect. With 600+ streaming services, auditing and compliance is now near impossible. Beatdapp's technology is now capable of tracking all music globally, on every platform, simultaneously in real-time. It authenticates every single play, allowing for accuracy of play count. We aren't looking to collect the money, or make payouts. We're simply looking to authenticate the plays. For streaming services (DSPs & OTTs) our proprietary technology can help fight streaming fraud by identifying bad actors, reduce the costs associated with audits, help authenticate their usage reports for new legislation.
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