Online radio & Jukebox combined for both - you and your business BeatBeat - enables you to set the music you love via mobile app at the club you party hard. 1) Customers(venues) - product developed for them - web app(Admin & TV dashboard) Admin dashboard - enables venue owners to manage the playlists, choose from moods and genres, see statistics about your venue&music that has been played and ability to send your visitors push notifications about what's hot at you venue right now. TV dashboard - let your customers be informed what's next in the queue and catch their attention to use BeatBeat. 2) Users(venue visitors) - product developed for them - mobile app Mobile app enables them to check what's on air right now in particular venue, add their favourite song from venue playlist to the queue, bid for another songs in the queue, post it on social media and see where the venue is and navigate there.
Member count: 1-10