Ladies Luxury Italian Shoes Beata Lei/Beato Lui Ltd is a luxury shoe company founded and created by shoe designer Jamie Cuffy at the start of 2014. Beata Lei and Beato Lui translate from Italian to mean Lucky Her and Lucky Him. Beata Lei will become one of the most sought after brands in ladies footwear by offering luxurious shoes designed in Glasgow and made in Italy by some of Venice?s most experienced shoemakers using the finest Italian materials. Beata Lei will be launched online to tap into a global market. This will give its customers the opportunity to become part of a new and innovative brand Beata Lei will expand its business into the world of ladies accessories and create high end branded scarves, belts and handbags. Beato Lui will launch once Beata Lei has been established. It will follow its sister?s blueprint with branded shoes for men then expand into men?s ties and belts. A range of branded perfumes and aftershaves will be part of Beata Lei and Beato Lui?s future business plans.