Icelandic Beauty and the Beast A 100-minute, theatrical quality movie for worldwide distribution. The plot centers on a peasant farm girl who enlists the help of a flesh-eating beast to exact vengeance upon the Viking who murdered her father. If this sounds familiar, that?s because it is a darker, Nordic take on the fairy tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast. There is a great market demand for darker, live-action fairy tales as evidenced by performance of films and series produced at both higher budgets (Game of Thrones, Maleficent, Outlander) and comparable, lower budgets (please reference attached Case Studies.) The following elements are in place: cast, director, core visual team, Icelandic production services team with extensive experience. The film will be shot across the country of Iceland? specifically the Westfjo?rds, the South coast, and lava fields surrounding Reykjavik. Investors will have the opportunity to travel to Iceland and experience the thrills of production firsthand.
Total raised: $30K