The glove is now smart Gloves used to be a nuicance and hindrance to interfacing with the technology all around us, but the patented BearTek Gloves have made wireless control of all your technology as simple as clicking your fingers. Gloves will always be worn as personal protection from cold, heat, or general occupational dangers in action sports, manufacturing/industrial, military, public safety and in many other settings The rub is that gloves typically reduce your dexterity and make interfacing with your communication devices, industrial equipment, cameras and the like a hassle. BearTek Gloves allows you to click your fingers together to send a wireless signal to your target device to control specified functions via a removable module housed in a pocket on the glove. BearTek started out controlling smart phones, music, and GoPro cameras, but the future includes plans to create an open source platform to make control of any and all devices a reality.
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