Comfortable underwear for burly men everywhere Bear Skn is determined to produce and deliver higher quality underwear and undergarments for larger framed men. Our niche is to focus on the needs of larger- framed, burly men because the options for men with these shapes and sizes are limited when it comes to style, quality, and selections. Currently we are selling all Bear Skn products online at as well as at a few retail locations. Our goal is to increase our presence and brand identity with online shoppers and local high-end boutique stores in the Twin Cities area, and beyond. Our customers are primarily men ranging between 30-50 years of age who reside in the United States, but online sales have come from all areas of the US, Europe and Australia. Our customers are early adopters with average incomes starting at about $90,000 a year. We have found that customers with incomes in this range are very willing to pay more for quality goods. Often overlooked as a market, they are hungry for products made just for them.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $56K