MRO industry specific wholesale clearinhgouse An Amazon type concept with specific space in the 900 billion dollar per year (in the USA) MRO - Maintenance, Repair and Operations industry. Facilitates trade between distributors to meet an unsatisfied 30% demand for in-stock products. With its unique and proprietary database of more than 9 million SKU's in its cross-reference matrix, USMetrics has a proven track record of more than 10 years of revenue and operations. There are some 5,000 industrial distributors that are our target customers with inventory in excess of $200 billion of which some 30% is under utilized which equates to about $60 billion that needs what USMetrics has to offer. Our specific focus in in the $30 billion segment of the MRO market knows as Bearing & Motion control. Our web sites are all under construction (have been built in-house with limited funds) but function well enough for anyone to verify the validity of our business plan.