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German razors at your door for a fair price Men's shaving razors are ridiculously overpriced, and the market is dominated by two players: Gillette and Wilkinson. We offer high end, German made razors at a fair price. Each month (or every second or third) we send out 4 replacement cartridges. Each cartridge has 5 blades, and the blades are cut to some of the best standards. It isn't about bargain hunting, it's about a quality product at a fair price; so far, we have had excellent feedback from our early adopters about the quality of the razors. By signing up, subscribers will: 1) Save money 2) Save time 3) Get a better shave each morning We are primarily targeting young professionals, men above the age of 25. They are at an age and position where they shave regularly, want to save money, and for whom, shaving is a small pleasure in their morning routine.
Member count: 1-10